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9th April 2019


So I know it's the Easter holidays right now - some schools I was surprised to see today haven't broken up yet - but Minnie did last Thursday.

Hope you're having a lovely time whatever you're up to and hasn't the weather been nice - really Spring like.

As Minnie is still in nursery and doesn't start school until next September 2020 we have been lucky that we can take her on holidays when suits us and so a couple of weeks ago we went to Tenerife. Minnie was so excited. We called it a sleepover and after the excitement of the taxi and then the plane came the hotel.

We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel in Costa Adeji (Playa Paraiso) http://bit.ly/HRHTRadioChelsea

We had stayed at the Hard Rock in Cancun before (infact we think that's where Minnie was conceived but thats possibly too much information) :) anyway we knew we loved it so we booked here. It was MEGA! We loved the fact there was Cava at breakfast, sweets for the kids at all times


and live music EVERYWHERE. The electric guitar player at breakfast was a particular favourite.

We had intended to leave the hotel and explore, maybe even visit the water park but we only actually left once and that was a rainy day when we got a cab to the Siam Mall. I'd heard Zara was alot cheaper than at home and my gosh I wasn't dissappointed. I think it's maybe because it's Spanish - I'm not sure but it's huge and I definaitely noticed a difference in prices.

I'd not been to Tenerife since I was 15 years old - so much had changed I think but as we didn't leave the complex much I can't compare. I had to laugh on the first day - as we checked in I just hear 'Hiya Chels' and it was Tanya Bardsley from the Real Housewives of Cheshire. She was there with her footballing husband Phil and their family. That was the night the new series started on ITVBe.

One thing I love most about holidays is spending my time with Ben and Minnie. Being up at 4am most days I don't get to see Minnie in the mornings and I don't get to dress her or have breakfast with her so it was great having her so much. Ben is a busy man too - so enjoyed being Daddy and playing with Minnie all day (even if it was so Mummy could have a little sunbathe)

Probably won't surprise you to know Ben went to the gym each morning, I probably should have done too. We were half board and the hotel had this steak restaurant that served truffle chips. They were quite honestly the best thing in my life I've ever tasted and I apologise to Ben now for the amount I talked about these chips during that week stay. I've dreamt of them since - haha.

There was a roof top bar too - that looked out over the sea which was stunning. Each night there was LIVE music and i'm quite sure after too many gins I was doing a rendition of Jazzy Jeff and Summertime.

As you may know Tenerife is a volcanic island - so the sand is mostly black. The hotel had made a little beach of it's own which Minnie enjoyed.

The time came to an end quicker than we hoped and we headed back home.

Minnie was so cute the other night - I was tucking her into bed and she said 'I'm sad mummy' - 'why' I said. 'Minnie misses holiday, I miss Minnie's hotel'. My heart leapt a little and we said we'd plan to go back. So for over a week we've all still had our bands on our wrists as Minnie won't allow us to remove them as they won't let us back then, ha! We got them off eventually by convincing her they will give us new ones.

For now we dream of this view and to return, http://bit.ly/HRHTRadioChelsea

- so enjoying the English sunshine in the meantime.

Better dash - off to host an evening at Piccolino in Alderley Edge tonight which will look lovely in the sunshine.

Won't be a late one as that 4am alarm call still beckons.

Catch you soon,

Chelsea xxxx



Not Been On for a While!!!

13th March 2019


How you doin?

Haven't written in a really long time. But I thought it was a about time we caught up.

I'm sat writing this whilst in my PJ's on the sofa whislt watching After Life - that new drama from Ricky Gervais on Netflix. It's pretty good I think, there's elements of genius in there and comey lines.

This Saturday is the Couch25k!! Thank you to all of you who ahve signed up to do it with me - and well done on your training over the last 9 weeks. Knowing you're all doing it too has helped to keep me going - how could I give up if you're all working so hard. I'm nervous but I'm dead excited to meet you all (I have Chelsea's Chasers t-shirts) and I know we will smash it!!

Training has been hard at times. I'm not a natural runner and I don't think I'll ever love it BUT I like the feeling when I'm done and it's helped drop a few pounds along the way. See you Saturday!!

Minnie is doing amazing. I love all your messages about her. Where does the time go though!? She'll be 18 before I know it.

It made me laugh the other day - me and Ben were in Primark in Stockport and a lady stopped us and said I follow you guys on instagram but I only realised it was you cos I saw Minnie. very typical and made us laugh.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at The Lowry. Ben and I took her to see In The Night Garden and she absolutely loved it. Such a great show!

We all go on holiday soon! Not been away since last Summer so Minnie is super excited and telling everyone we are having a sleepover. We are going to Tenerife. I havent actually been since I was 15! We are hoping for some warm weather and just a rest really - not easy getting up at 4am everyday.

Hopefully you've all seen the news that the Ladies Lunch is back for 2019! With a special guest!

Tickets go on general sale on Friday 15th at 9am - but if you'd like a chance to get tickets early then please email me events@chelseanorris.co.uk and I'll send you a special code so you can get them early.

Right better dash - but promise to stay more in touch, 

Email me with anything at all chelsea@chelseanorris.co.uk

Chelsea xxxx


2nd February 2018

Minnie as you know turned 2 nearly 2 weeks ago.....

At exactly that moment she started trying to climb out of her cot, you know when you go in and she's got her leg over lol.

Well from all the books I've read - THIS is the moment the sides come off. But, in true Chelsea style - I ordered her a 3/4 double bed. I'd actually seen this bed when my friend Jodie had it for her daughter Arabella and I totally stole the idea.

It's a company called Little Lucy Willow and their stuff is so cute. Minnie has her name and a little crown on the foot of her bed.

When Jason arrived yesterday morning to build it - I was initially worried it would be too high for her - BUT I didn't need to. Within minutes of him leaving to head back to Chorley - Minnie had worked out how to climb on the little chair and get on the bed and slide off with her bum.

She absolutely loves it! We made it all together with her new bedding and I was a little apprehensive about bedtime.

I didnt need to though. 7pm last night I say to her 'Where's your bed'? She takes me upstairs - throws the cushions off and climbs in. I get in next to her and we read a book. It was one of my favourites 'The Detective Dog' - at the end I say it's time to go to sleep now. I turn her lights out and leave the room. I did decide to put some big cushions nect to the bed on the floor place a baby gate on her door just in case she tried to escape.

She stayed in there ALLLLLLL night! I slept terribly as I was up every 5 minutes checking she hadn't fallen out but there she was in the middle fast asleep every time.

When she woke this morning she shouted Mama for a drink.

So I think it's fair to say it was a big success. Although I'm not sure she's realised she can actually get out yet, will let you know how i get on tonight.

I've had so many messages from you about the BIG BED - Minnie has always been a good sleeper and had a pillow and a quilt so I wasn't too concerned. I also have always been quite chilled with her too and I kind of just knew she would be ok. I've also had many messages about her bedding - it's just from Dunelm and her blanket is from Pottery Barn in Dubai (my fav ever kids shop) have a little look on their website.

By the way - I've just lost Minnie and wandered upstairs and she's thrown everything off her bed and got inside - she's mad!

Here's a link to Little Lucy Willow by the way: https://www.littlelucywillow.co.uk

Chat soon,

Chelsea x 


28th January 2018


How are you? I apologise in advance for all the pictures in this blog edition.

I'm just sat watching Dancing on Ice having scoffed a pizza (as I've been a little hungover) and will not be in bed late tonight. I also just wanted to thank all of you who contacted me after my last blog about nurseries and Minnie starting. The help was great and I'm pleased to say we have chosen a nursery for her and she will be starting in March. With a few settling in sessions next month to get her used to it. (Who am I kidding - it's to get me used to it)

It's been a busy week that's flown by. I've had a lovely weekend - having my hair done and breakfast in Prestbury with Minnie while Daddy worked. And a 60th birthday party for Ben's best friends Mum in Rochdale.

Ben was in charge of booking the hotel and he excelled himself lol. I won't say which hotel it was - but my god it was dreadful. They had emailed after he had booked to tell us of some updating being done - but it was awful!!!!! Missing bulbs, no curtain rings, the room bin not emptied from the guests before and the decoration left a little to the imagination. We had to laugh although I was a little speechless.

I noticed Intu Trafford Centre have been running an event this week called LIVE HAPPY - it's looked really cool. Like promoting all the things you can do in the centre that make you happy. We took Minnie last week and my little favourite is the Champagne Bar in Selfridges. You wouldn't always think to go there for lunch but it's mega - and Minnie loves all the olives and different fish options like this crab open sandwich. Try it #LiveHappy





















It's been a week since Minnie's second birthday party too. We hired out the soft play centre - Wild things in Bramhall and all her little friends came - she had a ball. Although by the end of the day I'm not sure who was more tired - Minnie or us! I was carting gifts and food and alsorts and Daddy was up and down the slide 14 million times - still lovely memories though to cherish.

I know it's been Cervical Cancer Awareness Week this week too! And i just wanted to take a second to talk about it. When I was about 17 I had some irregular cells which were discovered after I had a smear. They were lasered off and I had smears more often for a while until they were happy all was ok. 2 weeks ago I got a letter to tell me to book in for one. You know what - I did it immediately. It's not something I would hang about to book. I was in last week and it was all over within minutes. I recall Jade Goody passing away from this disease - she was so young she'd never even been called for a smear. She died on Mothers Day and I'll never forget the TV images of her coffin being carried to a car - a lovely mum, the same age as me at the time - leaving 2 children behind. I recall after the event a rise in the number of women going for smears and it was known as the Jade goody effect. Sadly I now read this effect is more or less forgotton as numbers are rising in women not going. We have a duty to protect ourselves and others who rely upon us.

I urge you - if you havent been - go! The nurses have seen it all before and it's no more uncomfortable than plucking your eyebrows and it's over a lot quicker too. It could also save your life! So book that appointment!!

Right better dash - will try and make it to 10pm tonight as I'm keen to watch that Piers Morgan/Trump interview. I know alot of people hate Piers but I do like him on GMB - often saying what most people are thinking although he's not always right I know.

Enjoy whats left of your weekend and chat soon,

Chelsea xxxx

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