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2nd February 2018

Minnie as you know turned 2 nearly 2 weeks ago.....

At exactly that moment she started trying to climb out of her cot, you know when you go in and she's got her leg over lol.

Well from all the books I've read - THIS is the moment the sides come off. But, in true Chelsea style - I ordered her a 3/4 double bed. I'd actually seen this bed when my friend Jodie had it for her daughter Arabella and I totally stole the idea.

It's a company called Little Lucy Willow and their stuff is so cute. Minnie has her name and a little crown on the foot of her bed.

When Jason arrived yesterday morning to build it - I was initially worried it would be too high for her - BUT I didn't need to. Within minutes of him leaving to head back to Chorley - Minnie had worked out how to climb on the little chair and get on the bed and slide off with her bum.

She absolutely loves it! We made it all together with her new bedding and I was a little apprehensive about bedtime.

I didnt need to though. 7pm last night I say to her 'Where's your bed'? She takes me upstairs - throws the cushions off and climbs in. I get in next to her and we read a book. It was one of my favourites 'The Detective Dog' - at the end I say it's time to go to sleep now. I turn her lights out and leave the room. I did decide to put some big cushions nect to the bed on the floor place a baby gate on her door just in case she tried to escape.

She stayed in there ALLLLLLL night! I slept terribly as I was up every 5 minutes checking she hadn't fallen out but there she was in the middle fast asleep every time.

When she woke this morning she shouted Mama for a drink.

So I think it's fair to say it was a big success. Although I'm not sure she's realised she can actually get out yet, will let you know how i get on tonight.

I've had so many messages from you about the BIG BED - Minnie has always been a good sleeper and had a pillow and a quilt so I wasn't too concerned. I also have always been quite chilled with her too and I kind of just knew she would be ok. I've also had many messages about her bedding - it's just from Dunelm and her blanket is from Pottery Barn in Dubai (my fav ever kids shop) have a little look on their website.

By the way - I've just lost Minnie and wandered upstairs and she's thrown everything off her bed and got inside - she's mad!

Here's a link to Little Lucy Willow by the way: https://www.littlelucywillow.co.uk

Chat soon,

Chelsea x 


28th January 2018


How are you? I apologise in advance for all the pictures in this blog edition.

I'm just sat watching Dancing on Ice having scoffed a pizza (as I've been a little hungover) and will not be in bed late tonight. I also just wanted to thank all of you who contacted me after my last blog about nurseries and Minnie starting. The help was great and I'm pleased to say we have chosen a nursery for her and she will be starting in March. With a few settling in sessions next month to get her used to it. (Who am I kidding - it's to get me used to it)

It's been a busy week that's flown by. I've had a lovely weekend - having my hair done and breakfast in Prestbury with Minnie while Daddy worked. And a 60th birthday party for Ben's best friends Mum in Rochdale.

Ben was in charge of booking the hotel and he excelled himself lol. I won't say which hotel it was - but my god it was dreadful. They had emailed after he had booked to tell us of some updating being done - but it was awful!!!!! Missing bulbs, no curtain rings, the room bin not emptied from the guests before and the decoration left a little to the imagination. We had to laugh although I was a little speechless.

I noticed Intu Trafford Centre have been running an event this week called LIVE HAPPY - it's looked really cool. Like promoting all the things you can do in the centre that make you happy. We took Minnie last week and my little favourite is the Champagne Bar in Selfridges. You wouldn't always think to go there for lunch but it's mega - and Minnie loves all the olives and different fish options like this crab open sandwich. Try it #LiveHappy





















It's been a week since Minnie's second birthday party too. We hired out the soft play centre - Wild things in Bramhall and all her little friends came - she had a ball. Although by the end of the day I'm not sure who was more tired - Minnie or us! I was carting gifts and food and alsorts and Daddy was up and down the slide 14 million times - still lovely memories though to cherish.

I know it's been Cervical Cancer Awareness Week this week too! And i just wanted to take a second to talk about it. When I was about 17 I had some irregular cells which were discovered after I had a smear. They were lasered off and I had smears more often for a while until they were happy all was ok. 2 weeks ago I got a letter to tell me to book in for one. You know what - I did it immediately. It's not something I would hang about to book. I was in last week and it was all over within minutes. I recall Jade Goody passing away from this disease - she was so young she'd never even been called for a smear. She died on Mothers Day and I'll never forget the TV images of her coffin being carried to a car - a lovely mum, the same age as me at the time - leaving 2 children behind. I recall after the event a rise in the number of women going for smears and it was known as the Jade goody effect. Sadly I now read this effect is more or less forgotton as numbers are rising in women not going. We have a duty to protect ourselves and others who rely upon us.

I urge you - if you havent been - go! The nurses have seen it all before and it's no more uncomfortable than plucking your eyebrows and it's over a lot quicker too. It could also save your life! So book that appointment!!

Right better dash - will try and make it to 10pm tonight as I'm keen to watch that Piers Morgan/Trump interview. I know alot of people hate Piers but I do like him on GMB - often saying what most people are thinking although he's not always right I know.

Enjoy whats left of your weekend and chat soon,

Chelsea xxxx

Happy New Year!!!!

10th January 2018

Happy New Year!

Hope you had a great Christmas too. Ours was fairly quiet with a little adults only trip to Amsterdam for New Year.

We love it there. Ben's family are from there origionally too - but what we love is not booking anything in. We just wander and stop for a drink where we fancy and there's no time restrictions or having to be somewhere at a certain time. As a parent we never have that luxury so I must say it's a breath of fresh air. We went to the bridge of love too - and added a padlock for Minnie. We hope to take her back to see it one day.

It was also my birthday on the 8th. I had a lovely day, actually it started on Sunday when Ben and I went to see Elf at The Lowry. Which was such a magical show. It's on till the 14th so if you can grab a ticket I would - before it goes. I also had dinner at Tattu in Manchester, stayed at the Hilton and lunch at piccolino in Alderley. When I got there Minnie had arranged flowers on the table and a card - she's a clever little girl ;) - I don't think I turned the oven on for a 3 days - I could get used to that.

Thank you to all of you who sent me messages too - I got so many and it was really lovely.

Minnie turns 2 on the 21st January (It's an expensive month for Daddy) We have booked her a party at Wild Things in Bramhall which is an indoor play centre - she will love it and with an In The Night Garden theme too! She even has her name in lights. Two though honestly - where does the time go!?

I'm just starting to think she may benefit from a morning or 2 at a nursery. I think I will be sad as most Mums and Dads are when they go - but I think she will enjoy it. So now I'm spending most of my days researching nurseries. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I've also bought Minnie a new bed - it's a small double. Mum thinks I'm mad as Minnie will be getting out all the time. But I just know she will love it. She's always been a good sleeper and it's beautiful with her name on the bottom and a crown - it's not here yet, doens't come until mid/end of Jan for her birthday. I can't wait and I'll post some pictures when it comes too. On the hunt for some childrens small double bedding now. Let me know if you spot any nice sets anywhere.

Have you made any New Years resolutions? I'm not really into doing them to be honest. But I do know I need to get back into the gym. I really miss training but it has definitely taken a backseat especially since Minnie - and now my diary is so full of swimming, mini movers, and playgroups that I feel guilty leaving her and doing something for me. Hopefully if/when nursery happens I might have a little spare time so I won't feel guilty. I've noticed a little extra weight from Christmas as we all do - but the good thing is knowing how to eat to get things back on track. Most of the hard work in getting into shape comes from eating the right things - and i know what I should be eating to get back into the swing of things. So I'm back on fish, and lots of greens and WATER!

Got lots of nice things coming up work wise too! From the BBC, events at The Trafford Centre, to Ladies Lunches, and a celebrity charity event for FC United.

Right better dash, Chat soon and don't forget you can email me at any time chelsea@chelseanorris.co.uk

Chelsea x 


6th November 2017

Errrmmmm it's been a while since I last wrote - apologies!

But if I told you I moved house - and you've ever moved house you may know some of the pain I'm referring to. OMG NEVER AGAIN!!!

We are super settled now in our lovely new home but there was alot to do. Having lived in my other house for the last 12 years you don't mean to but you do end up stockpiling a load of crap lol. Throw in a husband, baby and dog and you end up with rather a lot of tat! Cue many a clearout, then constant form filling, endless cardboard boxes and no blog!

Couldn't have done it without these guys at PODS who dropped a load of boxes, then came the day before to help wrap and pack and then spent 12 hours with us on the move day taking down Minnie's cot and re-building as well as our bed - LIFESAVERS!

They did laugh at me though - as I am soooooo organised that each box packed was numbered to coincide with the new room numbers in the new house - hence making unpacking much easier. There wasn't a single box left after about 3 days. They laughed as the lounge was being accessorised before they had even left the room - I know I'm strange but I can't help it. Anyway I am NEVER moving again thats for sure.

I know loads of you have been getting in touch to ask where you can find them. So head to http://www.ukpods.co.uk

There wasn't alot to do in the house but we were desperate to add our own stamp onto things so there has been a few new doors - 17 to be exact! Thanks Tom for fitting. Who knew hanging a door was so complicated!? Me now - I know a lot more than I did. And a LOT of painting and wallpapering. Luckily I am a whizz at wallpaper and love nothing more than a good plug socket and alarm box to cut around. I love a challenge! It's coming on now and most things should be finished before Christmas which was my goal.

Ben and I are preparing for our 1st wedding anniversary. Can you believe it's been nearly a year. First year anniversary gift is paper. Trying to pursuade Ben that Louboutins displayed in a CARDBOARD box count as paper but I'm not sure he's buying it :(

My friend Jo and I are arranging another Christmas Spectacular Shopping Event. Nov 19th at the Hallmark Hotel near Handforth between 11-5pm. Loads of local stalls, many handmade items and just perfect for all your Christmas shopping. There is a grotto and the hotel will be serving food and most importantly a prosseco bar. We cannot wait. There are still a few stalls available if you'd like to exhibit - just drop me an email events@chelseanorris.co.uk or just bob down on the day and support with an optional donation of £1 going to Once Upon a Smile.

Minnie is doing amazingly well. She's such a lovely little girl and we just idolise her.

She's still going swimming each week and has done since she was 5 months old - so proud of her and how she is doing there. We also do Mini Movers and a Church nursery group on a Thursday - she has a better social life than me. Last weekend Ben and I took her to Blackpool. We stayed in a hotel there and she had a little ride on the Pleasure Beach and saw the illuminations. I dont think I had seen them since I was about 8 so it was lovely to go and she absolutely loved it.

Still not many words from her. Definitely knows Mama, Dad, Nan and NO!!!!!!

This week we are tackling potty training in a big way! Tonight we had 2 successful wee wee's on the toilet.

Well I must dash - getting late.

Won't leave it so long next time xxxxx

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