Happy New Year!!!

4th January 2016

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year - welcome to 2016!

Mine was obviously a sober one, for the first time in about 25 years haha. I've become an expert in non-alcoholic drinks. Becks Blue, non alcoholic wine (best is the red one from tesco) and non alcoholic Kopparberg (bit sugary but very nice). They've kept me going - but kind of glad it's all over so everytime I look at facebook it's not pictures of people in tiny dresses drunk having a great time - do I sound bitter? Lol.

I have just over 3 weeks till due date! I'm back in work today for a couple of weeks - but I've got to say I loved having a break over Christmas. Was lovely to read a book, watch TV, and pack my hospital bag. I also washed alot of the baby clothes and got the wardrobes sorted. You also do that nesting thing don't you - so I've tidied out kitchen cupboards and today I'm tackling the cupboard under the stairs. It's a bit like that cupboard of Monica's in Friends which is only referred to once - but is a complete mess ha.

I feel like this last 3 or 4 weeks I suddenly got pregnant. My tummy has really come out and feels very hard, my mobility is down too - like everything just takes a bit longer to do. I've been really well though still and kept the gym up 3 times a week. I still do a full body workout but it's only a maintenence workout and nothing too strenuous. I enjoy it though. I plan to carry on for as long as I can and will get back in the gym as soon as I can afterwards also - that part I'll have to play by ear as I have no idea when it'll happen or how it will go.

Ben asked me the other day if I've enjoyed being pregnant - I have but in the beginning you think something will always go wrong and then you're working towards a date all the time - so it feels a bit like doing a marathon and always looking out for the KM markers and then the finish line. I can't lie that I've not found the weight gain a little hard to deal with - I can feel my face getting chubbier and although I know it's cos I'm pregnant - it gets me down so selfies are at an all time low - always a positive hey ;)

I tell you what has driven me mad? Negative pregnancy/parenting advice. I feel like evertime I say anything someone brings it back to the baby. I say I was up at 6am - people say 'wait till you have the baby that will be a lie in'. Or I say - I had a nap today and someone says 'you won't be doing that when the baby comes'. It's driving me bonkers!!! Stop doing it! I swear I'll never do it to people when I'm a Mum. #angryface

Right best dash for now - as ever if you want to get in touch drop me an email to chelsea@chelseanorris.co.uk

Chelsea xx

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