Hello Eyebrows!!!!

2nd November 2016


I promised I would update my blog a little more frequently in the next few weeks so here I am again. Let me set the scene here - I'm in PJ's and dressing gown (how cold has it been overnight) sat at the dining table with a brew having just scoffed smoked salmon and scrambled egg. I have the darkest tea ever as we only had a drain of milk and I'm not brave enough to try Minnie's just yet.

Minnie is in her Bumbo seat next to me at the head of the table and Ted is always close by - trying to steal any food she may drop or offer out.

It's Day 3 of my new brows. I had them tattoo'd on Monday. I had them done once before but unlike normal tattoo's they do fade a little over time and I usually have to draw them on everyday. I thought with getting married and going away it would be good to have them done again. This time I drove to Southport to see a lady called Dot - who had come highly reccomended. Tattoo's are a pretty serious business and when it's on your face you want to make sure it's done properly. She explained the whole process, and the sterile one use equipment and we picked a colour and away she went. She does a hair like line so they never look fake or harsh. I have never plucked my eyebrows but they are thin and light at the ends so she helped even them out and even gave me a little arch that I'd always craved.

This was the before and after!!!!

What do you think?

If you fancy a free consultation Dot is at Second Glance salon in Handforth this Saturday and you can book in on 0808 189 1477 or you can follow her on Instagram @dorothymaepmu and on twitter @DorothyMaeSPMU

I collected my wedding ring yesterday - OMG I love it. I actually had it on about 5 times yesterday - can't wait to wear it.

I'm struggling a little with Minnie since the clock change - she's shouting wide awake at 5am - I did tweet this morning and I know alot of you are in the exact same position - how do we fix this, it's driving me mad! I have read it can take a week to settle back down again, grreeeeaatttt!

Poor Teddy is having an op on Friday. She's being spade - so she went for her haircut yesterday in preparation. Me and Ben are all sad and worried as we hate the thought of her feeling poorly, but we know it's the best thing for her.

Right best dash - I have the gym this morning and baby swimming - having my hair done tomorrow too which I cannot wait for!

Update you all soon,

Chelsea x  

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