28th January 2018


How are you? I apologise in advance for all the pictures in this blog edition.

I'm just sat watching Dancing on Ice having scoffed a pizza (as I've been a little hungover) and will not be in bed late tonight. I also just wanted to thank all of you who contacted me after my last blog about nurseries and Minnie starting. The help was great and I'm pleased to say we have chosen a nursery for her and she will be starting in March. With a few settling in sessions next month to get her used to it. (Who am I kidding - it's to get me used to it)

It's been a busy week that's flown by. I've had a lovely weekend - having my hair done and breakfast in Prestbury with Minnie while Daddy worked. And a 60th birthday party for Ben's best friends Mum in Rochdale.

Ben was in charge of booking the hotel and he excelled himself lol. I won't say which hotel it was - but my god it was dreadful. They had emailed after he had booked to tell us of some updating being done - but it was awful!!!!! Missing bulbs, no curtain rings, the room bin not emptied from the guests before and the decoration left a little to the imagination. We had to laugh although I was a little speechless.

I noticed Intu Trafford Centre have been running an event this week called LIVE HAPPY - it's looked really cool. Like promoting all the things you can do in the centre that make you happy. We took Minnie last week and my little favourite is the Champagne Bar in Selfridges. You wouldn't always think to go there for lunch but it's mega - and Minnie loves all the olives and different fish options like this crab open sandwich. Try it #LiveHappy





















It's been a week since Minnie's second birthday party too. We hired out the soft play centre - Wild things in Bramhall and all her little friends came - she had a ball. Although by the end of the day I'm not sure who was more tired - Minnie or us! I was carting gifts and food and alsorts and Daddy was up and down the slide 14 million times - still lovely memories though to cherish.

I know it's been Cervical Cancer Awareness Week this week too! And i just wanted to take a second to talk about it. When I was about 17 I had some irregular cells which were discovered after I had a smear. They were lasered off and I had smears more often for a while until they were happy all was ok. 2 weeks ago I got a letter to tell me to book in for one. You know what - I did it immediately. It's not something I would hang about to book. I was in last week and it was all over within minutes. I recall Jade Goody passing away from this disease - she was so young she'd never even been called for a smear. She died on Mothers Day and I'll never forget the TV images of her coffin being carried to a car - a lovely mum, the same age as me at the time - leaving 2 children behind. I recall after the event a rise in the number of women going for smears and it was known as the Jade goody effect. Sadly I now read this effect is more or less forgotton as numbers are rising in women not going. We have a duty to protect ourselves and others who rely upon us.

I urge you - if you havent been - go! The nurses have seen it all before and it's no more uncomfortable than plucking your eyebrows and it's over a lot quicker too. It could also save your life! So book that appointment!!

Right better dash - will try and make it to 10pm tonight as I'm keen to watch that Piers Morgan/Trump interview. I know alot of people hate Piers but I do like him on GMB - often saying what most people are thinking although he's not always right I know.

Enjoy whats left of your weekend and chat soon,

Chelsea xxxx

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