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As Quiet As A Mouse....

27th October 2016

So I've been a bit quiet recently - but here I am, back again!

If I'm honest I found the whole leaving Key103 thing a bit tough - and there were some pretty low points. It's strange when you've done something for so long and then all of a sudden it's gone and the people too - feels a bit like a bereavement, but I'm glad to say I'm feeling alot better now.


I've been super busy working for the BBC out of Media City. Thank you to all of you who have tweeted and followed by career path and also listened to the shows I have been a part of. I started with a Saturday morning show 9-12pm working with the lovely Phil Trow. I then filled in on breakfast with him whilst Ali recovered from an op. And then I even had a little foray into the World of presenting on my own. Something I had never done before. I was quite nervous as it's a completely different experience but the team at Radio Manchester are so supportive and the people who came on the show like the 'Lunchtimers' made me feel right at home - they even made me cake. And it was lovely to see Jennie McCalpine from Corrie there too - as she hosted a couple of shows the week before me - she's a natural.

Away from radio - I've been busy putting together my Christmas Spectacular event. You HAVE to come! November 20th at Hallmark Hotel, Handforth 12-6pm with FREE ENTRY. It will be completely decked out for Christmas - we have ebtertainment, and live demonstrations about make-up, semi permenant make-up, drop a dress size for Christmas advice, personal styling, fashion shows and 60 stalls packed with local people selling everything from art, to books to home interiors, Christmas decorations and childrens toys and gifts - all the family are welcome and I cannot wait! If you're interested in exhibiting by the way - there are just a few stalls available and you can email me on chelsea@chelseanorris.co.uk

Minnie has started crawling! Wow things have really gone up a notch now. You have to have eyes everywhere. Bless her though she is so pleased with herself and this part of parenting is really fun - watching her change everyday and learn new things. She really is a delight and we love her so much.

I'm also getting married next month - did I emntion that? Eek!!! That has cone round so fast. The pressure is off really as Ben and Minnie and I are going away to do it - but I did order a wedding dress online from Australia without a) ever actually seeing it b) trying it and c) I order a size too small God I just love putting pressure on myself don't I? Anyway - the good news is it HAS arrived, it IS gorgeous and it DOES fit! Phew!!!! Just waiting to pick up my wedding ring, which was actually a ring I've had for ages and never worn - so I've had it melted down and re-used so it saved a bit of money. 

We have also booked a party for our return. We think it will be a nice celebration when we get back - we have invited about 100 guests and all of them are coming so it should be a great night and I get to wear my dress again so it's worth it.

Now the beauty treatments begin. I'm having all my hair re-coloured next week. I actually don't do alot to my hair as it got badly damaged once and it scared me - however I am having a new colour and some tape hair extentions from http://www.rapture-professional.co.uk I've had this type of hair before and it's amazing as it doesn't dasmage your hair at all - there's just something about having longer hair that makes you feel all feminie and glamourous and I cannot wait. I am going to update you all next week and show you some pictures so keep watching for that.

I'm also having my eyebrows re-tattooed. I've had it done once before and I know some people are pretty scared about it. Mine are just a bit thin and faded - they've never grown that well but they've got loads better since I've having HD Brows at Lush Nails and Beauty in Romiley. It really encourages them to grow and now if I ahve them tattooed it will make them even better. It's a new technique which looks like hair - so looks really natural. Will update you with some pictures of that too.

I'm also off to learn how to do my own make-up. I'm that girl that's ahd the same make up bag forever and do my makeup the same day and night and whilst I am away and will be doing my own wedding make up I think it best I learn how to do it. My friend Tally is a make up artist and so I'm off to her salon @promakeupacademy to learn how to do my own so I don't look like a dogs dinner - no pressure Tally! 

Right must dash - off to the gym this morning to meet Ben @benpostma to do some boxing and then off to Bramhall Hall who have a Christmas Market Day which sounds fun.

Won't leave it so long next time I promise!

Would love to hear from you as usual - you can always tweet me @radiochelsea or email me chelsea@chelseanorris.co.uk

Chels xxxxxxxx



It's Been A While......

7th September 2016

How are you?

Sorry it's been a while - things have been a bit hectic to say the least since I left Key103.

Did any of you tune into BBC Radio Manchester for my first show last Saturday? I was really honoured to be asked by them to host their Saturday show for the month of September with the Breakfast Show host, a lovely guy called Phil Trow. I was a bit nervous that morning as it's quite a change from what I am used to - but the show was really fun and the people there are so lovely and kind, Media City is also a mega place. I'd never really been before all this - but wow it really is like it's own City. I am back on air this Saturday 9am-12pm so listen in if you can.

I'm also busy doing other stuff - I have been asked to event manage a swanky event for a hotel in Manchester. This is something I do through my business White Wedding Company www.whiteweddingcompany.co.uk where I plan weddings and event manage small events. It's been really great getting my teeth into something and making it happen.

Not only that - myself and a few friends have got together to arrange an amazing Christmas Shopping event. It will be local and in November and FREE. But it will be an amazing day - with makeup, hair, eyelash stations as well as clothing advice, fitness advice, stalls selling childrens clothes, ladies clothes, handbags, home interiors and more - all decorated for Christmas with fabulous musical entertainment. There are amazing sponsorship opportunities and we need quality stallholders too - so if you'd like your logo all over our artwork and on all our PR or to have a stall please email chelsea@chelseanorris.co.uk now!  Watch this space for more details soon but hope to see you there!

Minnie is doing amazing! 7 and a half months now - can you believe it? We start Aquababies again this week after a short Summer break and Baby Sensory starts Friday too. I was a bit skeptical about it at first - but she absolutely loves it. She is at the very beginnings of crawling I think. Rocking forwards and standing with a little help. Ben and I really want her to walk down the aisle when we get married in November so we are watching eagerly. It will be here before we know it - I think I've found my dress eek! And all my nails and brows are booked in with Francesca at Lush Nails and Beauty in Romiley. These girls have become real friends over the years of going there and I love them to bits. Myself, Ben and Minnie recently went to our friends little boy's 1st birthday and she had a photographer who kindly offered to take a few pictures for us - hence the one above. We love her little face on them.

I'm just about to sit down and attempt to write a speech after I post this (if Minnie will allow - as I type this I've given her a Curly Wurly to occupy her ;) I'm honoured to have been asked to be a guest speaker on Monday night at Salford City College graduation ceremony. It's always very inspiring to be at events such as this in front of young people who have their whole lives ahead of them. I've also been asked to be a part of Stockport College's event also in November - so again a very privileged opportunity.

Right I best dash - the Curly Wurly has melted and Minnie currently has a tea towel on her head!

Won't leave it so long next time, I promise.

Chelsea x x

The Wedding is Booked & I'm Leaving!!!!!!!!!!

27th July 2016

So after nearly 2 years of being engaged me and Benji are finally going to tie the knot.

We just haven't been sure what we wanted to do until now - hence the delay but we've decided to get married in November this year and in Dubai. Dubai has always been a special place for us - where we went on our first holiday and have returned every year since. It's not easy to get married in Dubai as the Country is very religious as you know - but we've managed it and have treated ourselves to a stay at the One and Only, The Palm. It's a great location and although we've never stayed there before we wanted something really special for the trip. Especially as it's just going to be me, Ben and Minnie.

We aren't actually having a ceremony at the One and Only - we have decided to do that part in the Maldives. There's a brand new resort opened and it looks amazing. Ozen by Atmosphere http://ozen-maadhoo.com/ so we are having a blessing on the beach. We can't wait! We just decided the money we would spend on a wedding here would be better spent on the 3 of us on holiday - memories to keep forever.

So with 124 days to go Ben and I have started a weight loss plan for me. I want to look my best for it and I know it's ages away but if you start early it actually puts less pressure on. Allowing you to say lose 1lb a week which is far more achievable then saying you need to drop a stone in a week. So good old Ben has written a programme for me so follow. Starts slow with 2 gym sessions a week a good fast walk with Minnie or Ted and it increases slowly building intensity to the big day. I've got a few supplements from Bodybuilding Warehouse http://www.bodybuildingwarehouse.co.uk/ they have a range called Warrior Princess which are brilliant for women. Great snacks and protein.

They've very kindly also set up a discount code for me which they don't mind me passing onto you guys. It's 10% across the whole site so please do use it. Just add CHELSEA10 at the checkout.

And yes I'm leaving Key103. It's been a wonderful 11 years - but change is neccesary and my last day on air is tomorrow. I'll miss it more than anyone will ever know.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your messages of support, they have genuinely moved me and are so very appreciated.

I'll miss you all xxxx

Baby on a Plane!

8th July 2016

It's been ages since I last wrote - so apologies!

Where does the time go? I've been celebrating the fact Minnie is 24 weeks old so 6 months - but we've just discovered unlike when you're pregnant and you do everything in weeks, and when they are first born - you then stop as 24 weeks is not 6 months! Ok has anyone ever done this? Am I a bad parent????

Regardless of whether she's 6 months or 2 weeks off that - I have started her on a little bit of baby rice. OMG the minefield of weaning. I've read a gazillion books, Gina Ford, Annabelle Karmel, and various Cow & Gate, Ellas Kitchen guides. I think I've just about got my head around it all. She loves the organic baby rice I've tried her on before bedtime - and it seems to have helped her sleep a bit more soundly. A few weeks ago I was still getting up to feed her several times in the night and I was shattered. So I contacted my friend Abi who has a company called Baby Sound Asleep http://babysoundasleep.co.uk/ she gave me a personalised sleeping guide for Minnie. Helped me get a bit of a better routine of feeding and napping and I can honestly say it's been amazing. She now goes to bed between 6.30 & 7pm. I dream feed at 10pm and then she wakes once at 2am and then sleeps through to 6.30/7am again. At some point we will drop the 2am feed and she will go through but breastfed babies take a little longer to sleep through I think.

We go on holiday on Sunday. Minnie's first time on a plane. I'm actually not that nervous just really excited. I found out I was having a girl at a priavte 16 week scan - that day we named her Minnie and 4 weeks later I booked her onto this flight. It's kind of weird now having her and seeing her boarding card and passport - but so lovely. I like to be organised so I have all her things ready. I mentioned this on air the other day but I heard you can take milk over the 100ml allowance but they make you taste it. Not keen on that idea! Is this actually true?

Anyway hoping it all goes well with Minnie as Ben and I have just booked our wedding. Lips are sealed at the minute but it's not in this Country but it is this year!

As I write this -  I'm busy planning another wedding. As most of you know I am also a Wedding Planner www.whiteweddingcompany.co.uk and tomorrow is the wedding of my lovely clients Susan and Mike. We've worked hard this year to make tomorrow amazing. I'll be there all day making sure everything runs smoothly at Great John Street Hotel.

Off to get my hair washed and blow dried at today at Eds in Bramhall - as a new Mum who's always running round like a bloody idiot it's not actually been washed for a week and a half and there's a full can of Bastiste in it. God help them trying to wash it out. Haha! I've also got my new tape hair in - my mate Francesca works for Terence Paul in town so she came round and added Rapture extentions - not for length as I don't have the time to do it all but for thickness. When it's washed, it looks mega lol.

I best dash as it's Minnie's Baby Sensory class today. Ben comes with me on a Friday and we love it - seeing her enjoy it and develop on a daily basis. It's actually a brilliant class and they put so much effort in for the babies there. As I'm working at the wedding tomorrow he has her all day - he's planning on taking her to the Sealife Centre at the Trafford Centre - I'm so jealous.

Have a great week and chat soon,

Chelsea xx

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