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Parent and Toddler spaces and Ladies Who Lunch!

11th July 2017


Are you enjoying this lovely Summer? I must say it's a tad sporadic isn't it? I often leave for work dressed for Winter and am sweltering by the time I get home. I've been flat out with Minnie - no one warned me they get more difficult as they grow lol. She's nearly 18 months now - going on 18 and I have no idea where she gets that from ;)

She's doing really well - and knows everything we are saying and she's also doing so well at Swimming. I've been taking her since she was 5 months old. They do say at her class in Gee Cross if she started at 5 months and carries on until the age of 2 - if she fell into water she would be able to save herself and thats been important to me. She loves it too!

Ive been ranting on social media this last week or two about Parent and Toddler spaces again! Nothing angers me more than seeing people without kids in them. It's lazy on their part. The reason the spaces are wider is to allow the doors to open fully so the baby seat and/or child can get out - no one wants to be parked next to a person trying to get a car seat out - you'll get doors damaged. I don't care they are nearer the front I would rather be at the back and walk further - it's the width not the distance covered. I was sent this hilarious thing by my friend the other day - it made me chuckle.

I do apologise for the language but it tickled me.


Are you coming? It's a great day out (Gays are welcome lol - I've had that question asked so many times in those words) Treat your Mum, your friend, your daughter or buy as a birthday gift.

It's Friday September 15th 2017 at Hallmark Hotel, Handforth 11-4pm. Although I've done 10 before this is my 1st independant and I'm so excited. A huge thanks so my Headline sponsors Slater and Gordon and Redrow Homes at Woodford Garden Vilage and to Piccolino, Bramhall for sponsoring our amazing After Show Party.

Here are the details....!!!!

Tickets are £45 and available at www.chelseanorris.co.uk/events NOW! 🍾 🥂 👠 👗

The lunch is raising funds for St Anns Hospice (where my Nan died) and Once Upon a Smile childrens charity. (Who have been working so hard to help children and victims of the Manchester bombing)

We have an amazing day lined up - Lights courtesy of Letters Celebrate and Balloons from Balloon Ur Room. There's prosecco on arrival served by butlers in the buff. There's home interior shopping and clothing and jewellery stalls. There's also a beauty village including Eds Hair from Bramhall and Hayley from Lux Make Up Studio in Gee Cross.  Also so pleased to have the amazing Dorothy Mae semi permanent make up artist join the beauty village at the Ladies Lunch on Sept 15th 2017 between 11-4pm.

They will all be on hand to chat and give tips, advise and demonstrations.

The Manchester Show Choir performing as you are wined and as you dine you'll be serenaded by the amazing singer songwriter Liam McClair and the very talented Emma Halpin.  And fresh from X Factor boyband YES LAD!

This year we also have comedy from the brilliantly funny Stephen Bailey - fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. (He may offend lol)

I'm hosting with a little help from celebrity guests!

There's fashion from Cheadle Hulme based Fuzzy Goose with a special scene of nurses from St Anns Hospice.

There's a chance to win a Boodles diamond as well as other meals and overnight stays.

Auction items include a one off Mcr Bee Rovers Return piece of artwork from talented Nick Frankin, a weekend cruise, a car for the weekend as well as spa stays at Titanic Spa and an overnight stay at Tarporley based The Hollies lodges.

And there's more to be announced!! This little one might even make an appearance :)

Please support and get your tickets now! You can buy tables or individual tickets

Available at www.chelseanorris.co.uk/events NOW!

Thank you and can't wait to see you there xxxxx

Hello.....Only Me!

9th May 2017

Hi, It's been ages since I last wrote and thank you to all of you for tweeting me to give me a nudge!

So.....the big news is....I'm doing a Ladies Lunch. I've done them for the last 10 years and so I didn't see why this year should be any different. I wanted to help charities close to my heart and so this year the lunch will be in aid of St Anns Hospice and Once Upon A Smile. I've been a patron of St Anns for 10 years and my Nan passed away there so the reasons for helping is obvious and since having Minnie I felt it important to help a childrens charity too - and I know the work Once Upon a Smile do is incredible.

The lunch is September 15th 2017 at the Hallmark Hotel, Handforth between 11-4pm.

There will be an after show party at Piccolino, Bramhall with *free drinks and canapes 

We have a welcome drink, 2 course lunch, prosecco bar, blow dry bar, makeover station, stalls selling homewares, clothing, and jewellery.

We also have fabulous music, celebrity guests, musical performances, auction and raffle with dozens of prizes.

I would love you to come - and if you've been to any of my previous ladies lunches you'll know how fun they are!

Tickets are selling incredibly fast - grab yours here: www.chelseanorris.co.uk/events

Apart from all of this - I'm busy with my new show on BBC Radio Manchester. You can hear me Monday to Friday 3-6pm on 95.1FM.

It's been a sharp learning curve being on my own and also learning how to drive the desk - but I've managed it and I'm having a blast. Today I have Nicky Campbell on the show chatting about tonight's Long Lost Family which is one of my favourite TV shows of all time. Get your tissues ready as I believe it's a tearjerker.

Minnie is doing amazingly well - she's walking now and trotting everwhere. She is so cheeky! I have no idea where she gets it from ;)

She's growing up incredibly quickly and we just love her so much.

I'm also busy hosting various awards ceremonies - I've just spent a day with Jo Frost for BookTrust which was so interesting - about the importance of a bedtime routine for children including a bath, book and bed. I'm hosting the LABC Building Awards again this year for my 4th year running and I'm honoured also to be hosting the New Childrens Hospital Staff Awards in June. I clearly love to be busy haha.

Right best dash - I'm off to work via the Post Office where I need a Postal Order - something I have never done!!! lol!!

Promise I won't leave it as long next time.

Chelsea xxxxx


*a glass of prosecco per guest and canapes between 4-6pm.

Sorry It's Been A While!!!!

27th January 2017

I am so sorry it's been a while. So much so, I've started to receive tweets asking where my blog has gone.

The truth is - I've just been sooooo busy.

I got married, then it was Christmas, then it was my birthday, then it was Minnie's first birthday! But there's no excuse - so here I am making up for it.

The wedding was perfect, just me and Ben and Minnie and whilst it wouldn't be for everyone to go away and get married it was perfect for us. Dubai has always been a special place for us as that's where we went on a few holidays and always had an amazing time and that was naturally where we chose to get married. 

It's not easy to get married in Dubai. You can't get married on the beach or in a hotel - there is only one church and that's where we got married - that's why we then had a blessing on the beach in the Maldives afterwards. Some people also wouldn't take their baby but Minnie is part of our family and it felt right that she was there and we had an amazing two weeks all together. Ben works a lot during the week here and it was lovely for him to spend so much time with Minnie (and see all the little things that we have to do ;) It was a very special Island and the guys at Ozen, Atmosphere did so much for us. When we arrived at the blessing spot they had been building all day - they had also got little lads from a nearby island who all sang for us and played drums - it made us cry. We planted a tree too with our name on it and now we want to go back to see it grow. A lovely idea!

Christmas was lovely we just had it at home, Minnie's first so that's always a very special one. What do you buy a baby though? They have just about everything you can imagine and even when you buy them the best gift they still want to play with the box. This was a bit of a learn when it came to her first birthday.

She turned one on January 21st. And we marked it with a baby sensory party in Bramhall where she goes to her baby sensory classes each week. Jo who does the classes did her party which was nice because she knew her and we invited lots of our friends and their babies too. They all loved it and Minnie honestly smiled the whole time. We think she really enjoyed it and then slept for about four hours when she got home she was tired out bless her.

We decided that we would move her into the bigger bedroom at home and so for her birthday with been manically painting and decorating and buying new curtains to make it look really special for her.  She's not moved in yet but we're hoping this weekend she will be able to. 

Thank you also for all of your birthday wishes. I turned 36 on 8th January and Ben surprised me with a weekend trip away to a log cabin in Tarporley. We have been before and we absolutely love it - took Minnie as well and it was so much fun.

I've been working really hard to try and lose a few pounds - definitely put some on over Christmas and after the wedding. My jeans started to feel uncomfortable and I knew enough was enough. The last two weeks my food have been on point and I've been training in the gym with Ben 3 to 4 times a week. Ben is super supportive - sometimes it leads to arguments when I feel I can't do any more and he says I can. Usually he is right but don't tell him that.  I've managed to lose about half a stone quite a few inches so far so on pleased. 

I watch a lot of these programs that have been on TV about crash diets and what works. I get quite frustrated when I see people trying juice diets. Of course if you've been used to eating lots of meals and then you replacing it with juices you lose weight but it's not sustainable - you can't do that for the rest of your life. What happens when you go for a family meal or it's a birthday? Or you have to eat normal food? As soon as you do that you pile the weight back on again. It's always better to find something that you can do quite easily, that doesn't affect your life massively, that you can do with the rest of the family, whilst on holiday or in any restaurant in the world.  I guarantee you'll lose weight slower but it will stay off.  Did you know that juice diets nearly always lead to people putting more weight on than before? Right rant over!!!!!

I've really enjoyed being off work with Minnie all these months. Next week I start breakfast on BBC Radio Manchester covering for Alison Butterworth for three weeks so please tune in to 95.1 FM from 6 till 9am where I'm on with Phil Trow we also do a Saturday show together from 9 till 12.

This Monday however we have a special announcement so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

Right best dash - off to Baby Sensory with Minnie. Won't leave it as long next time.


Chelsea and Minnie xxxx

Hello Eyebrows!!!!

2nd November 2016


I promised I would update my blog a little more frequently in the next few weeks so here I am again. Let me set the scene here - I'm in PJ's and dressing gown (how cold has it been overnight) sat at the dining table with a brew having just scoffed smoked salmon and scrambled egg. I have the darkest tea ever as we only had a drain of milk and I'm not brave enough to try Minnie's just yet.

Minnie is in her Bumbo seat next to me at the head of the table and Ted is always close by - trying to steal any food she may drop or offer out.

It's Day 3 of my new brows. I had them tattoo'd on Monday. I had them done once before but unlike normal tattoo's they do fade a little over time and I usually have to draw them on everyday. I thought with getting married and going away it would be good to have them done again. This time I drove to Southport to see a lady called Dot - who had come highly reccomended. Tattoo's are a pretty serious business and when it's on your face you want to make sure it's done properly. She explained the whole process, and the sterile one use equipment and we picked a colour and away she went. She does a hair like line so they never look fake or harsh. I have never plucked my eyebrows but they are thin and light at the ends so she helped even them out and even gave me a little arch that I'd always craved.

This was the before and after!!!!

What do you think?

If you fancy a free consultation Dot is at Second Glance salon in Handforth this Saturday and you can book in on 0808 189 1477 or you can follow her on Instagram @dorothymaepmu and on twitter @DorothyMaeSPMU

I collected my wedding ring yesterday - OMG I love it. I actually had it on about 5 times yesterday - can't wait to wear it.

I'm struggling a little with Minnie since the clock change - she's shouting wide awake at 5am - I did tweet this morning and I know alot of you are in the exact same position - how do we fix this, it's driving me mad! I have read it can take a week to settle back down again, grreeeeaatttt!

Poor Teddy is having an op on Friday. She's being spade - so she went for her haircut yesterday in preparation. Me and Ben are all sad and worried as we hate the thought of her feeling poorly, but we know it's the best thing for her.

Right best dash - I have the gym this morning and baby swimming - having my hair done tomorrow too which I cannot wait for!

Update you all soon,

Chelsea x  

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