Sorry It's Been A While!!!!

27th January 2017

I am so sorry it's been a while. So much so, I've started to receive tweets asking where my blog has gone.

The truth is - I've just been sooooo busy.

I got married, then it was Christmas, then it was my birthday, then it was Minnie's first birthday! But there's no excuse - so here I am making up for it.

The wedding was perfect, just me and Ben and Minnie and whilst it wouldn't be for everyone to go away and get married it was perfect for us. Dubai has always been a special place for us as that's where we went on a few holidays and always had an amazing time and that was naturally where we chose to get married. 

It's not easy to get married in Dubai. You can't get married on the beach or in a hotel - there is only one church and that's where we got married - that's why we then had a blessing on the beach in the Maldives afterwards. Some people also wouldn't take their baby but Minnie is part of our family and it felt right that she was there and we had an amazing two weeks all together. Ben works a lot during the week here and it was lovely for him to spend so much time with Minnie (and see all the little things that we have to do ;) It was a very special Island and the guys at Ozen, Atmosphere did so much for us. When we arrived at the blessing spot they had been building all day - they had also got little lads from a nearby island who all sang for us and played drums - it made us cry. We planted a tree too with our name on it and now we want to go back to see it grow. A lovely idea!

Christmas was lovely we just had it at home, Minnie's first so that's always a very special one. What do you buy a baby though? They have just about everything you can imagine and even when you buy them the best gift they still want to play with the box. This was a bit of a learn when it came to her first birthday.

She turned one on January 21st. And we marked it with a baby sensory party in Bramhall where she goes to her baby sensory classes each week. Jo who does the classes did her party which was nice because she knew her and we invited lots of our friends and their babies too. They all loved it and Minnie honestly smiled the whole time. We think she really enjoyed it and then slept for about four hours when she got home she was tired out bless her.

We decided that we would move her into the bigger bedroom at home and so for her birthday with been manically painting and decorating and buying new curtains to make it look really special for her.  She's not moved in yet but we're hoping this weekend she will be able to. 

Thank you also for all of your birthday wishes. I turned 36 on 8th January and Ben surprised me with a weekend trip away to a log cabin in Tarporley. We have been before and we absolutely love it - took Minnie as well and it was so much fun.

I've been working really hard to try and lose a few pounds - definitely put some on over Christmas and after the wedding. My jeans started to feel uncomfortable and I knew enough was enough. The last two weeks my food have been on point and I've been training in the gym with Ben 3 to 4 times a week. Ben is super supportive - sometimes it leads to arguments when I feel I can't do any more and he says I can. Usually he is right but don't tell him that.  I've managed to lose about half a stone quite a few inches so far so on pleased. 

I watch a lot of these programs that have been on TV about crash diets and what works. I get quite frustrated when I see people trying juice diets. Of course if you've been used to eating lots of meals and then you replacing it with juices you lose weight but it's not sustainable - you can't do that for the rest of your life. What happens when you go for a family meal or it's a birthday? Or you have to eat normal food? As soon as you do that you pile the weight back on again. It's always better to find something that you can do quite easily, that doesn't affect your life massively, that you can do with the rest of the family, whilst on holiday or in any restaurant in the world.  I guarantee you'll lose weight slower but it will stay off.  Did you know that juice diets nearly always lead to people putting more weight on than before? Right rant over!!!!!

I've really enjoyed being off work with Minnie all these months. Next week I start breakfast on BBC Radio Manchester covering for Alison Butterworth for three weeks so please tune in to 95.1 FM from 6 till 9am where I'm on with Phil Trow we also do a Saturday show together from 9 till 12.

This Monday however we have a special announcement so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

Right best dash - off to Baby Sensory with Minnie. Won't leave it as long next time.


Chelsea and Minnie xxxx

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