2nd February 2018

Minnie as you know turned 2 nearly 2 weeks ago.....

At exactly that moment she started trying to climb out of her cot, you know when you go in and she's got her leg over lol.

Well from all the books I've read - THIS is the moment the sides come off. But, in true Chelsea style - I ordered her a 3/4 double bed. I'd actually seen this bed when my friend Jodie had it for her daughter Arabella and I totally stole the idea.

It's a company called Little Lucy Willow and their stuff is so cute. Minnie has her name and a little crown on the foot of her bed.

When Jason arrived yesterday morning to build it - I was initially worried it would be too high for her - BUT I didn't need to. Within minutes of him leaving to head back to Chorley - Minnie had worked out how to climb on the little chair and get on the bed and slide off with her bum.

She absolutely loves it! We made it all together with her new bedding and I was a little apprehensive about bedtime.

I didnt need to though. 7pm last night I say to her 'Where's your bed'? She takes me upstairs - throws the cushions off and climbs in. I get in next to her and we read a book. It was one of my favourites 'The Detective Dog' - at the end I say it's time to go to sleep now. I turn her lights out and leave the room. I did decide to put some big cushions nect to the bed on the floor place a baby gate on her door just in case she tried to escape.

She stayed in there ALLLLLLL night! I slept terribly as I was up every 5 minutes checking she hadn't fallen out but there she was in the middle fast asleep every time.

When she woke this morning she shouted Mama for a drink.

So I think it's fair to say it was a big success. Although I'm not sure she's realised she can actually get out yet, will let you know how i get on tonight.

I've had so many messages from you about the BIG BED - Minnie has always been a good sleeper and had a pillow and a quilt so I wasn't too concerned. I also have always been quite chilled with her too and I kind of just knew she would be ok. I've also had many messages about her bedding - it's just from Dunelm and her blanket is from Pottery Barn in Dubai (my fav ever kids shop) have a little look on their website.

By the way - I've just lost Minnie and wandered upstairs and she's thrown everything off her bed and got inside - she's mad!

Here's a link to Little Lucy Willow by the way:

Chat soon,

Chelsea x 

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